Monday, October 25, 2010

Well, after 4 days of work and almost 20 large trash bags of crap, the room is starting to look better. It still needs a good sweeping but my asthma is acting up today so all I was able to do was take out more trash bags to the road for pick up tomorrow.
I can actually get into the closet that holds all my fabrics now. I had forgotten what I had in there. It was nice to be able to close the closet door after I went thru it. I need to decide what fabrics will stay and what will go. Have tons of polyester which will go but have some knits I will keep. Looks like I'll be putting things on ebay this coming weekend.
I will be telling everyone what this room will end up being AFTER I get it fixed up. I'd like to get to that point by Turkey Day, but no promises. I have decided what furniture, from other rooms, will be moving into this room and what won't. I was going to move the love seat from the living room into here but then I found the twin bed frame I had bought quite a while ago. I think I'll repurpose it into a love seat - and hope that Chloe doesn't figure it out, she loves to snuggle on things with blankets and quilts on them.
Speaking of quilts, I found my antique quilt templates I bought over 7 years ago and the fabric that had been cut out. I also found an old cutter quilt I fixed (removed the destroyed blocks and put other block from the same quilt in their place) and I found 2 small quilts (wall size?) that I can quilt and display. One of these quilts has bright multi-colored blocks with jet black edging - talk about an eye-catcher. The other small quilt is made up of pastel baby-themed blocks edged in a deep royal blue - need to replace 2 of the blocks as some 4-legged rodent wanted to use it and chewed up the blocks. The bright colored quilt will definitely be put up on the wall, and the lighter one will probably be draped over my computer desk.
Well, better go for now, it's supposed to rain again and have possible thunder storms and I do not want to be on this computer during that.
Til later,

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