Thursday, February 08, 2007

Well, it's THAT time of year again - time to do everyone's favorite pastime - filling out tax papers. I have been up since 5am ( and since I'm NOT a morning person, this is above and beyond the call of duty ) and have been working on the taxes since then. I got the federal ones done without any problem ( and will get a nice return, too ) but let's forget the state taxes. What makes it even worse is that I live in one state but work in another - and I thought my home state taxes were bad, the state where I work is just as bad if not worse, and when you put those together - well let's just say that Chloe's life was on the line ( she decided that because mom was up, she could bark her bloody little head off ) - gotta give girl-pup credit, she made sure she was out of my reach.
I finally finished the blankets/hats for the premies - now all I have to do is weave in the tails on the blankets and pick off ALL the dog hair and ship them. This should only take about 2 days to do.
Had to restart a sweater I started in Nov. because it didn't look right ( something about the raglan shoulders didn't look right - could be that if the top of the shoulders were in place, the armpits hung down to my waist. And I knit the damn thing to gauge and followed the instructions to the letter. Oh well, the new version, without the raglan, looks a lot better.
It has been cold here for about a week now and on Tuesday 2/6/07 we got 6 - count them - 6 inches of snow!!! Luckily, it was just powder and easy to shovel. Will finish the drive-way this afternoon ( so I can go visit with H&R Block tomorrow ).
Chloe has destroyed her sweater. The first one I made her was too big but was ok to wear out to play in until Tuesday afternoon. She went out to play ( and potty ) and was harassing one of the ewes and this ewe turned on her. Now, Linda ( the ewe in question ) is usually very calm and laid back unless she's pregnant and getting close to her due date.
To make a long story short, Chloe decided to chase Linda and Linda wasn't going to have any of her , so Linda chased Chloe behind the kennel and wouldn't let Chloe out. Every time Chloe tried to crawl out from behind the kennel, Linda was there stomping her foot at Girl-pup. Well, Chloe got her sweater caught on the kennel wire and pulled it off, leaving the sweater attached to the kennel for Rosie to work on and she did. The leg was chewed to an unrecognizable mess and another hole was also added ( when Rosie works on something, she does a good job ). So now, Chloe doesn't have a sweater to wear ( I'm not too enthused on working on her other sweater after this episode ).
Have 2 socks on the needles that I'm working on from time to time along with my sweater.
Can't think of anything else to post, so I'll go see who Chloe is pestering . Hopefully, will have some pictures to post next time.