Friday, June 06, 2008

Ducks .... Ducks .... Ducks .... And rain

Now, I don't know about anyone else, but I'm getting pretty tired of Mother Nature having these temper tantrums of late.

Now, I'll concede that she can have a few thunderstorms if she wants ( it makes for good sleep ) BUT I must draw the line with all these tornadoes/ straight line winds crap!!!

In the 12 years I've lived here on the farm NEVER have we had not even 1 tornado warning. Oh, we do get the occassional severe thunderstorm watch/ warning or maybe, just maybe the rare tornado watch but to have a real live-honest-to-God tornado warning (and not just one but THREE ) this is a bit too much. And to beat it all, ..... there WAS a tornado in the neighborhood of the farm.

Now, I don't have any idea just who pissed Mother Nature off but I suggest that that person do whatever it takes to get her back in a good mood and stop this foolishness. It's getting embarrassing.

Back to the ducks. Chloe loves ducks and since the real ones went to that great duck pond in the sky a few months back, Girl-Pup has been checking out their pen on a daily basis to see if they've returned yet. No, this ain't a pretty picture.

So, whenever I hike thru Wal-Mart, I have been buying her some of the squeaky rubber duckies they have for little kids to play with in the bathtub .... and let me tell you that Girl-Pup is beside herself. I think at last count she had somewhere are 10 of these things (if not more ). She wants to take pictures of them and write a post about them and I told her she could but that I was going to take the pictures ( I don't relish the thought of cleaning out coonhound slobber from my camrea - yeah, I know spoil sport ). So stay tuned for the " ducks on parade " ( Chloe's idea, not mine ).