Monday, August 10, 2009

Hi All

MOM decided that, since things had been bad around here during the last few weeks, that SHE wanted to change some things. So, she tried a new website and found out, after she had put a lot of work into making a new blog, that the website was under attack and had to close out that blog. ( I could have told HER it wouldn't work but you can't tell HER anything when SHE's like this ).

So, here we are. And MOM decided to let me tell you what's going on around here.

We will be changing a few things around here during the next few weeks and hope you will bear with us.

We are bringing back Chloe's Chlosett ( because Chloe has been driving everyone NUTZ about not being able to make pretty clothes for all her doggie friends. Girlie stuff, YUCK!!!! ) and we will also be bringing back Just My Stylle ( Stylle asked MOM, nicely, if she could start baking goodies again. YIPPEE, COOKIES!!!!! And I get to be the official taster. Life is GOOOOD!!!! ).

MOM will be selling some yarns SHE has in HER stash ( whatever that is ) and I get to help HER do that ( I'm a big boy now ) and SHE says that SHE will also be spinning some of the sheeps wool into yarns and selling them and making other things ( sweaters, socks, scarves ) for sale, too.

I still have my blog ( Duegar Kennels ) where I will keep everyone up to date on what I'm doing and all.

So, come in, sit a spell and chat - you never know what you'll find here at " A Sheep's Tail ".