Tuesday, March 06, 2012

We're still around

Hi All.

It's Chloe here to tell you what's been going on. MOM put us on Facebook a little over 1 month ago. It's different in that we (Travis for Duegar Kennels; Me for Chloe's Sewing Room and to help MOM on A Sheep's Tail) have to remember to post daily so everyone can see what's going on.

To make matters worse, MOM has been sick the entire month of February from having a severe dizzy attack which made her not able to do much but go from the bed to the couch (with me) to the bachroom and back. ALSO, MOM took a real nasty fall off the deck (it's about 3 feet high) onto her back and now is having problems with numbness and weakness in her left leg. And, naturally, when you need a doctor you can't get in to see one (SHE finally gets to see the doctor NEXT Monday 3/12).

Gracie is also helping me with MOM's blog, A Sheep's Tail. Gracie likes to get online and just chat up a storm.

So, the next time you stop here and it looks like we haven't been doing anything, just skip on over to Facebook and check out our pages - A Sheep's Tail, Chloe's Sewing Room, and Duegar Kennels - to see what's up.