Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hi All,
Just thought I'd introduce you to the site boss for the bedroom repurposing.
This is Vinnie. He is a 12 1/2 year old black Labrador retriever who moved back into the house after his kennel mate of over 11 years, and aunt, died in June of this year. Since he's been here he has learned to like pizza (his favorite is PapaJohn's The Works), to "talk" to his food pan (he started this when he was a baby - he scoops out some of his dog food out of the bowl with his nose, grabs the side of the pan and barks - of course this works better and gets more echoing if he has the pan backed into a corner), is trying to figure out the space heater in the dining room (when it comes on, he will stand there with his nose about 1 inch away from the outside mesh staring at it), and tries to keep track of me as I move thru the house. He does a pretty good job of all this except he keeps losing me at times.
He has been over-seeing the fix-up of the bedroom by lying in front of the door (one of his ways to keep track of me), snooping around in piles of junk to be thrown out (probably looking for a mouse) and just lying in the middle of the room in the sunlight.
He will be checking on things later today when I work in the room again. He's so helpful, in his own mind.
Now to go block a sweater.

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