Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It's been a while since I posted, so I thought I'd just talk a little today - no new pictures.
It got down to 18 degrees last night and at about 9 pm, Catcher started barking at the backdoor ( I thought he was barking at Rosie because she wouldn't let im in the doghouse - she has a tendency to be bitchy with him ). I looked out and he was standing there with his right hind foot up off the ground and when he moved he was limping. I immediately put on a heavy coat and went out and got him out of the kennel and brought him inside ( Rosie was not happy with me - she thought she should come in too, so she woke up Vinnie and Maggie and the three of them made as much noise as possible ).
He greeted the other dogs - Stylle was not happy that he was inside ( and proceeded to growl at him and try to remove his face when he got close ) but Chloe thought it was great because she had someone to play with ( talk about having visions of the place being torn to shreds and those 2 smiling ).
Catcher played with Chloe for a little while and left Stylle alone, got something to eat and drink, and with a cookie and a teddy bear he went into Chloe's crate and immediately fell asleep. Chloe didn't know what to do with him being in her crate - she just stood there and stared at him and then looked at me as if to say " but MOM, he's in MY bed ".
All dogs went to sleep and didn't wake until about 8 am.
As soon as the mail runs ( and the sun melts the snow off the truck ) I'm going into town and get some straw for both kennels and Catcher will be back with Rosie and the house girls will be happy that their routine will be back to normal.
Am still knitting on the premie hats and blankets - have a grand total of 6 and started the 7th last night before Catcher came inside. Have designated about 7 more skeins of yarn for this project and then will start on something else. Have bought enough sock yarn to make 3 pairs ( sock yarn is exempt from the stash and can be bought when needed ) - one pair needs to have 2 more skeins because they will end up being heavy boot socks to wear this winter and I think I'm going to buy some more dk weight wool yarn to make some felted booties to also put inside my boots.
Am planning to make a log cabin blanket from the stash after the premie stuff is finished ( should be done with it by the middle to end of Feb the way things are going ) and I want to make at least 2 shawls ( 1 kind of a turquoisey blue acrylic mohair-type and a fushia/purple acrylic moahir-type in a Faroese or pi shawl - but this can change at any time ). Also want to do some designing from the stash because I found a real nice cotton/ acrylic blend that is just SCREAMING to be knit into a summer T ( will have to make a trip to the yarn shop for this stuff ).
Will try to post soon with some pictures.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Well, just a short post today, as I'm going to spin some singles today.
I've been knitting the premie blankets and hats for about 10 days and am on my 4th blanket at this time. The hats are still cute being so small and I found a website for even cuter hats - one looks like Kermit the Frog and another looks like a duck even down to the " webbed " feet ( will have to make thse at a later date ). These I'm working on need to be done by Easter so I've been knitting like crazy to get as many done as I can before I get tired of them.
This is about all I can think of today - now to spin some wool for me and then back to the premie blankets/hats.
Will post pictures of the premie blankets/hats when I get them done.