Thursday, January 07, 2010

Well, we are in the midst of a winter snow storm - unfortunately, my camera didn't like the new batteries I put in ( 2x) and now it just sits there and looks at me. So, I decided to use another pix of the snow falling here.

This picture shows how it looks when the snow is falling down the "lane" under the trees going toward the front pasture. It is really pretty ( even if the picture is almost 2 years old ).

When I got up and looked out the backdoor at about 6:45AM there was no snow anywhere to be seen, but when my alarm clocks got me up at 8AM, there was almost 2 inches of fine powder on back steps and, if it had been rain instead of snow, it would have been pouring ( you could just see to the front of the pasture ).

The pups ( Gracie and Travis ) have been out 2x already playing in the snow. You would have thought that this was Travis' 1st snowfall with the way he's been acting - running around like a wild thing with Gracie hot on his heels. I wish I could have gotten a picture of it - oh. well, maybe next time.

Gracie and Travis are getting along a little bit better as long as he does what she wants when she wants. She let's him know when he can eat, if he can talk to me, and whether he can talk in his crate. Bossy isn't a strong enough word for this littler girl. But, she isn't like this with the older girls in the house or outside, just with him.

Better go for now as Gracie has Travis pinned in a corner and I'd like to keep both of them alive to have a litter of pups in a couple of years, so .....

Bye for now.