Saturday, December 15, 2007

This is what it looks like outside now - all kinds of slushy mess.

Earlier today, there was about 3.5 inches of snow and then the sleet and rains came and made this stuff.

I called in at work and told them that , for some unknown reason, the state police were telling EVERYONE to stay off the roads because it was too slick and hazardous. And, of course being a nurse, I was expected to drive in to work in this crap!! Needless to say, I made the super mad because I said I wasn't going out in this in a light-weight car and putting it in a ditch and getting hurt just so she didn't have to stay and work longer ( didn't make any points then ) AND that I'd call her tomorrow ( when it's predicted that we will get another 3-6 inches of snow on top of what we got today with ice sandwiched in between ) to let her know if I was going to be in then, which really ticked at me ( toooo bad ).

This is what is waiting at the bottom of the steps for anyone who ventures outside today - not my idea of something I want to walk around in.

And this is looking out toward the kennels and the woods. Looks pretty but looks are really deceiving today. Good thing I fed the kennel dogs earlier before it got tooo bad.

Think I'll curl up on the sofa with Chloe and Stylle, turn the TV on and work on some of my knitting instead of going outside.

Will post more later.


The first snow of the winter. Got about 4 inches of the white stuff and it's on the wet side so it should be good snowball snow.

Girl-pup was out playing in it and climbed up the backdoor to get inside - her toes were cold. Stylle enjoyed lying in the snow and watching Chloe run around the backyard like a fool ( one of the joys of being a 2-yr-old pup - EVERYTHING is great, even if you do get cold ).

As you can see, the sheep aren't real happy with the snow - they can't go out into the pasture and graze ( not that there's a whole lot to graze on, it's the idea of it all ).

Candi and Brooke ( the 2 ewes looking at the camera ) are wondering " WHEN is she going to put down that fool camera and FEED US????"

Poor things have never been fed ( even tho there is hay on either side of them ) since their respective moms weaned them. But you should see them fly when the cookies or a bag of bread torn into pieces appear - then it's every sheep for themselves. That's the only time they don't look around to see if Chloe is going to sneak up on them.

This little pig ( in sheep's clothing ) is Lacie. She's one of my unregistered Shetlands ( the person I got her from didn't register any of her family members ), and she thinks she rules the pasture. Actually, Lacie is a big ham and thinks she's a lap sheep. She is so tame ( read: spoilled rotten ) that if you are bringing a feed bucket out and you aren't moving fast enough to suit her, Lacie will get behind you, place her head on the backs of your thighs and exert constant pressure to move you along at A FASTER RATE OF SPEED so she can be fed. Looks like she's missed a few meals, doesn't it?

Lacie says ... GOT COOKIES???? I'M STARVING!!!