Tuesday, March 06, 2012

We're still around

Hi All.

It's Chloe here to tell you what's been going on. MOM put us on Facebook a little over 1 month ago. It's different in that we (Travis for Duegar Kennels; Me for Chloe's Sewing Room and to help MOM on A Sheep's Tail) have to remember to post daily so everyone can see what's going on.

To make matters worse, MOM has been sick the entire month of February from having a severe dizzy attack which made her not able to do much but go from the bed to the couch (with me) to the bachroom and back. ALSO, MOM took a real nasty fall off the deck (it's about 3 feet high) onto her back and now is having problems with numbness and weakness in her left leg. And, naturally, when you need a doctor you can't get in to see one (SHE finally gets to see the doctor NEXT Monday 3/12).

Gracie is also helping me with MOM's blog, A Sheep's Tail. Gracie likes to get online and just chat up a storm.

So, the next time you stop here and it looks like we haven't been doing anything, just skip on over to Facebook and check out our pages - A Sheep's Tail, Chloe's Sewing Room, and Duegar Kennels - to see what's up.


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Well, we are on Facebook now. And, I can hardly wait to show you what I've been doing.

I will be posting some of the things that are for sale on here during the next few days and I think I'm going to start with some rovings. A roving is wool that has been made into a thick "rope" from a wool processing company, that can be spun into yarn. I have some from Shetland sheep ( several different colors), Border Leicester sheep (very nice shiny black), Perendale sheep (I have a small amount of this in a light brown "tweed" like pattern), along with some bright sparkly white kid mohair. I also have some yarns spun from some of these I will post, too.

I have a few scarves and a shawl or two to be posted.

So, I better get busy and get these done.  

Monday, January 16, 2012

This N That

Hi All,

Just a few things as an update:

I am spinning some white Shetland roving into a sport-weight 2-ply yarn. I did a few (maybe 4) skeins late last year to see if I liked it enough to make more and I do like the way it turned out.

I have put the Shetland roving into 4-oz balls, that way I don't have to get the entire box of roving out and  fight with the hounds as to who is going to work with it (you'd be surprised which hound likes to get into the roving and who doesn't want to touch it) and it's easier to pick up and put away in small batches than the entire big box. If I remember right, I have about 10-15 balls of white roving, an enitre unopened box of Shetland white roving, 1/2 of a box of dark moorit roving, 2 boxes of black Border Leicester roving, 2 boxes of a marled-type brown Perendale roving, and 2 1/2 -3 boxes of silver Border Leicester roving that needs to be spun and made into skeins. This is what I'll be doing this winter along with spinning some previously hand-dyed rovings. After I get this done (if my hands haven't fallen off) I will dye some of the white Shetland, and over dye some of the silver Border Leicester. (All of this roving came from my sheep before they were killed in the summer of 2009).

It seems like its been forever since I last spun some roving into yarn but the muscles in my hands/arms remembered it very well and it is coming along nicely. I will post pictures of the yarn as soon as possible.

In other areas, Chloe has talked me into helping her make (read: I sew what she thinks up) things for her blog. I told her I'd help make some quilts to begin with along with a sweater and snood for her and Gracie. They were satisfied until they thought about it and wanted it started in the middle of Christmas. We then had a discussion, and I won, so I will be starting the quilts this week and finish Chloe's sweater and snood and then do Gracie's. I told Travis he could have a quilt but he wanted to pick out the fabric, something about the girls not knowing what he liked, so that will be coming a little later, also.

Well, better close for now and start working on things before the girls decide I'm not doing it fast enough and come in to help (sometimes they are not as "helpful" as they think).

Until later,