Monday, March 03, 2008

Well, it's official ( as of 2/24/08 ) - lambing season has started here. Linda, my black border Leicester ewe delivered a pair of twins - a white boy and a nice little feminine black ewe before I got home from work last Monday. Both babies were up and eating. I put everyone in the pasture and when I let them out to feed them ( they can't be in the backyard during the day because Girl-Pup has to go hunting for whatever ) , both babies were ok. After about 45 minutes in the catch pen for their night meal ( and me getting ready to go to work ), the white ram lamb was gone. Dissappeared. Vanished. Linda never cried for him or anything. Makes me think there was something wrong with him and probably a possum or raccoon got him.

Went to my favorite lys on Sat because she was having a sale on everything and I made out well. I spent $48.00 that normally would have run me $68.00 - not too bad for 10 skeins of yarn.

Decided that, since I lost my job last Fri ( don't ask - it ain't worth it ), that with my tax return I'd start selling hand-dyed/hand-spun Shetland yarns and rovings on Etsy. So now, I have 10 50 gram balls of white Shetland roving sitting on the island in the kitchen waiting to be dyed and spun and, possibly, knit into something. I have a ton ( ok, 20 lbs ) of white Shetland roving waiting to be made into beautiful wildly-colored roving and yarn - what fun!!! Y'all will have to stop by and check out the store when I get it up and running ( hopefully, within the next 4-6 weeks ). I'm really excited to be able to do this now because I've always wanted to have my own little wool business at home since I've had the sheep and now, I am in a position to do it ( and, yes, I am looking for another job to help pay the bills until things get going on Esty).

I have been out checking the ewes to see how things are going and one of my favorite ewes looks to be as big as a barn and ( for the 1st time ) I was able to see her baby lamb move ( and no, she is still in full fleece )!!! Lacie looks so uncomfortable right now and she still has about 2 1/2 weeks to go before her due date - I'm not real sure she's gonna last that long, her belly is almost touching the ground now.

Well, I hear Girl-Pup up and moving around -she and Stylle were stretched out on the couch a few minutes ago snoring ( they have such a rough life ) and since she's still considered a pup ( even at 2 years 5 months ) I don't trust her when she's up and out of my sight AND quiet - it's hard telling WHAT she's into. Better go and check things out.

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

With an almost five-month-old Aussie pup, I know EXACTLY what you mean about keeping an eye on Girl-Pup!