Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Chloe's Health Condition Update .......

Hi Everyone !

MOM said that I could blog you all about how Chloe is.

As of Saturday 2/9/08, Chloe's tail problem is all gone. She is able to wag her tail without any problem.

The problem with her now is that she's driving me and MOM crazy because when she was having some discomfort with her tail she got cuddled and pampered. Well,now that her tail is fine, she thinks she should still get all the attention ... to the point she climbed right up in MOM'S face and barked that she needed some attention ( how she lived thru THAT I don't know ). Now, Chloe is back to being a PIA - which is her usual state of affairs.

MOM says SHE'S tired of all this cold weather and is ready for it to get warmer. I saw HER knitting a real pretty lavender sweater after finishing a bright green one - SHE said it was helping HER get thru all this cold. ( All I know is I get to lie down next to HER and talk to HER when SHE knits and that's good - even if Chloe does pitch a fit about it ).

Well, I'd better go - I hear a food bag being rattled and I need to check it out.

Til later,


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