Friday, March 07, 2008

I had some pictures of the winter storm warning ( aka snow storm ) going on outside the back door but my computer and the camera decided they didn't want to play nice together, so no pictures today.

It started snowing ( that real fine stuff ) at about 815 this am and now ( it's 1129 am 3/7/08 ) the snow is coming down faster out of the north with a wind that bites to the bone.

I went out to let the kennel dogs out to run ( before I froze ) and have about 1.5 - 2 inches of snow now. The labs loved it - to the point it was hard to get Vinnie back into the kennel ( actually, he thinks that when he's allowed out , he's to stay out as long as he wants - WRONG ) but Maggie came bouncing in with out any problem.

After I came back in the house, Chloe ( aka Girl-Pup ) was pleading to go outside and she won. I couldn't get her to hold still long enough to put her sweater on, so she was out for about 20 minutes running as fast as she could. She visited the kennel dogs and the sheep ( unfriendly, tho they were ) and found all kinds of sticks to carry around. It's amazing how much she loves the snow - she runs around like a 6-month-old puppy in the snow. After bringing her back inside and taking her collar off ( she isn't allowed outside without it being on - gotta have some way of keeping track of her ), she got a drink of water and piled up on the sofa next to Stylle and now, both of them are sound asleep.

Had a job interview yesterday with a local hospital for a weekend option position in the ICU and they called this morning asking if I could come in next Tues for a second interview. Hopefully, I will know in a few days if I got the job. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I plan on baking some bread this afternoon. My favorite recipe is for " oatmeal toasting and sandwich bread " from the back of the King Arthur's bread flour bag. It's a strong bread, in that it will hold up to any type of food you want to put on it ( and NOT collapse like the store bought bread does ). You can't taste the oatmeal ( for those who don't like oatmeal ) but it's a nice substantial bread and I usually make 1 loaf a week. BUT today, instead of letting it bake in the bread machine ( I have carpal tunnel bad enough, that if I knead the dough, my hands fall asleep for the biggest part of the day. And I love to knead dough. ). I'm gonna bake it in the oven.
The girls love this bread,too, and will walk into the kitchen with their noses up in the air smelling it and when I cut into it, they are at my elbows hoping I drop the whole loaf for them to inhale ( like THAT'S gonna happen - I'd fight them tooth and nail for this bread !!! ).

Since I'm home for the rest of the weekend ( I went to the grocery store and the feed store yesterday ) I might try some new recipes. Will see if i can get the camera and compouter play nice so I can put up some pictures of what I do.

Better go so I can get all this done. Just thinking about makuing bread is making me HUNGRY!!!

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