Monday, March 10, 2008

Still no pics - if this computer and camera don't make nice soon ...

Saturday, in the middle of a major snow storm, Pekin ( one of my original Shetland ewes ) decided it was time to have her babies. Great timing Peke !!!

She had a black ewe lamb that didn't make it ( and it wasn't because Peke isn't a good mom - you actually couldn't ask for a better mom than Pekin )- I found her under an old downed tree limb cold and stiff with quite a bit of a mucousy discharge from her nose and a very nice dark grey/almost black katmoget ram lamb. This little guy is soooo full of himself he " prances " instead of walks. And if being the color he is isn't enough, he has a black spot over his left hip - cool dude.

Desparately need to get this computer/camera situation fixed BEFORE the rest of the lambs are born ( and before I throw the combo out the window !!! )

Started spinning the dyed roving from the other day and ended up making groups of 3 sets of roving ( bright, medium,and light ) and spinning them together into a nice balanced 3-ply yarn. Had to dye 2 more 50-gram balls of roving to make an even 4 groups but that's ok - my hands were just starting to get back to their natural color and now they are red/orange/yellow again. But what's the fun in dyeing if you can't dye yourself in the process ???

Better go have ANOTHER discussion with the computer and camera and see if we can't get this problem fixed ( the threat of being bodily thrown from the nice warm house might be enough incentive to get things fixed ). Hopefully, will have some pics soon.

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