Thursday, February 07, 2008

Hi Everyone,

Well, I have a problem that MOM says will get better in a couple of days,but I don't know.

My tail feels funny ... it kinda hurts and it kinda feels like it's not there ( even I know it's there ).

I told MOM , after dinner, that my tail didn't feel right and SHE said I had something called " cold tail " and that hunting dogs get this problem at times and is nothing to worry about and goes away but aspirin ( whatever that is ) will make it feel better in a couple of days.

I have a hard time sitting down - it's hard to sit when you don't know where your tail is. This morning it had it's usual curl in it and would wiggle when I was happy, but now all it does is hang off the back of my butt. I can't even wiggle it - it's JUST THERE !!!!!

MOM said that the medicine SHE put in the bread SHE gave me around 8pm will make my tail feel better but, so far, all it's done is make me sleepy. I was lying down next to MOM and SHE was rubbing my tummy and scratching my ribs and telling me that Uncle Catcher had this same problem when he was younger and SHE did the same thing for him and he was OK. SHE also said I should talk to him about it. I think I'll do that tomorrow * yawn * after I get up.

I think I'm going to S T R E T C H out on the sofa next to MOM and take a nap ...I'm soooo sleepy.

Will let you know who my tail gets along. ( I heard Stylle laughing earlier when MOM was telling her what was wrong. Just because she hasn't had this problem with her " otter tail " doesn't mean it ain't real. Just wait til I get better ..... )

* yawn * 'bye for now,


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