Friday, March 20, 2009

A New Year … Better Late Than Never

It's been a while since my last post. Travis came to live here and has been to a dog show ( and didn't embarrass himself ), Chloe and Stylle are doing fine and continually try to train Travis on how to be a " good boy " ( an all consuming effort ), and I'm back in school for the spring 09 quarter.
I have been told that I will graduate with my bachelor's in nursing in the fall of 2010 (which is around the Turkey day holiday) and think it will be time for a PARTY!!!!!! In a way, I want to go on and get a law degree but then I think I will have at least another 3 years in school and I'm not sure I want to spend THAT kind of money (grad school is very expensive – even more than undergrad) and I'm not getting any younger (I'm not sure I want to possibly graduate from law school when I'm 60 years old and then try to find a job to pay off my education). We'll just have to wait and see what time brings. * sigh *

I'm still knitting. The sweater/ cardigan I was knitting on last summer/fall was changed to a sweater (it didn't like right as a cardigan) and now has changed again. Who knows what it will be by the time I get through with it. I am also knitting a fisherman aran sweater from Alice Starmore's collection in pure cotton. The pattern calls for Rowan's cotton yarn and it (the pattern) is worked so that each piece is washed BEFORE sewing together (along with some yarn to sew with) so that it will shrink ON PURPOSE and then is sewn together. The yarn is a little hard on the hands but works up nicely. I had to tink back on it a couple of times – once because I screwed up one of the diamonds and then when I was almost ½ way through the back I looked at it from a distance (more than arm's length) and I didn't like the way the ribbing looked and tinked back and started all over again with a tighter rib and it looks much better. It's slow going because you have to pay attention to the pattern because it's easy to mess it up but it's worth it. I figure if I get it done by this fall (in between going to school and showing Travis) I will be doing well. And a big plus for this sweater – it's machine washable!!! I even started ordering more of the same yarn, in a different color, for my next sweater from the same book. This other color is a lightly faded blue that will fade even more as it's worn and washed – I'm excited to see how it does as opposed to the off white of the yarn I'm now using ( gees, it takes so little to excite me anymore ).

Well, better go for now. Travis and Chloe are together and quiet so it's hard telling what they're into.


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