Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sorry, no new pics today just some ramblings.
It's been a busy month in April - with lambs coming frequently ( like 9 over a span of 2 days !!! - SEVERAL times in April!!! ), breaking a bone in my foot, working, and trying to come up with the name of a business that I can put on ETSY and sell things from the farm - that I'm ready for a breather.
I have come up with a name for a new business venture on ETSY - it's real original and I had to think a long time to come up with it .... the name is " ValleView Farms and Studio " - like I said, it's been a busy month. I will be hand-dyeing wool and roving and spinning it into yarns and selling them and kits on ESTY - figured I needed to do something with the TONS of wool I have lying around here ( and besides, it will keep Chloe out of it - it's not pretty when the Girl-Pup gets into the wool ). I hope to have it up and running by the end of July ( yeah, I'm getting delusional again, but it gives me a date to aim for ), so all of you who visit here will be able to buy some really neat dyed Shetland yarn/ kits to work with AND during the first month the business is open I plan on having free shipping. Can't beat that.
What I will be doing between now and then is washing/spinning/dyeing the wool like crazy so I can have some inventory to sell. I also plan to have the production crew ( aka the sheep ) have their pics taken and list their names along with the yarn so if you buy some yarn from Wen ( for example ) and want more, all you need to do is order her yarn by name and voila' it's on it's way to you - now if I can just convince everyone to let me take their pictures.
I can hardly wait to get things up and running - now, if I could just get the sheep to skirt and wash their own wool so all I had to do was dye and spin it life would be easier - don't think that's gonna happen in my lifetime. * sigh*.
Hope everybody will drop by the shop on ETSY and check things out.
Until later,

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