Thursday, November 23, 2006

Sunrise on Thanksgiving Day 2006.

This is the first holiday, since my mom died in 2000 from breast cancer, that I feel like celebrating. Most of the time since she died, I would just work or do anything so I didn't have to think about how lonely it was without her.

Any way, I have made some of my favorite homemade bread and this morning , I've already cranked up the oven and fixed the sweet potatoes and will be fixing the bird a little later. Chloe, Stylle, and I will be feasting this afternoon in high fashion. If no one else wants our company, we have each other.

We will be watching the football game later this afternoon as I spin some wool and the girls sleep on the sofa and then we'll watch our usual Thursday night shows.

Don't know if I'll be celebrating Christmas yet or not, will have to take it one day at a time. But, I do feel better about the holidays now that I will be celebrating Thanksgiving again. I guess the mourning process is running on schedule.

It's so nice to start to feel good about things again.

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Tina T-P said...

Hi & Happy Thanksgiving from the cold & rainy Pacific Northwest - OK, it's only 47 degrees, but when you're standing out by the barn trying to help the shepherd get the girls to separate themselves from the ram, it's starting to rain, and they know something's up, because YOU are there, and YOU hardly ever come to visit in the winter unless something is up... Well no dice, the girls wouldn't follow John thru the alley into their pasture - maybe we'll try again before dinner.

I've got the pies made (from our homegrown pumpkin, no less) and my grandma Billie's applesauce cake in the oven - we're going to a friends for dinner - I'm bringing dessert! Hope you have a great day - :-) Tina